Privacy Policy

Our Commitment

The organizers of the Murrysville Photo Contest are committed to safeguarding and preserving your privacy when visiting our site, participating in the contest, or communicating with us.  We will only make use of your contact and other information for the contest itself, and to show credit for subsequent publication of your photo(s); credit will be shown whenever reasonably possible.

We will not share or disclose your contact or other information with any other party, and will only contact you:

    • for purposes relating to the contest
    • if such invitations are sent, to invite your participation in a future contest
    • when necessary, regarding possible subsequent use of your photograph(s)

Please note that by entering photographic work in this contest, you grant the hosting organization(s) the right to royalty-free reproduction of your entries for publicity, display, and fund-raising, including sale of items using the images.  Every attempt will be made to show credit whenever reasonably possible.

Contacting Us

We welcome any comments, inquiries or requests regarding this Privacy Policy, or about the contest. Please email comments, inquiries or requests.


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