Frequently Asked Questions

What photos are eligible for entry? Photos fitting into any of the contest categories are eligible provided that they were taken by an amateur photographer outdoors, in Murrysville. 

Must photos have been taken during the current contest year to be eligible for entry?  Photos from any year are eligible for entry provided that they have not been entered in an earlier year’s edition of the contest.  If you have good photos taken in the past, you are urged to enter them.

Are non-digital photos eligible for entry?  The contest is restricted to digital photographs, but you may convert your non-digital photos to a digital format to make them eligible for entry.

Am I eligible to enter the contest even if I don’t live in Murrysville?   Yes, any amateur photographer is eligible to enter the contest.

Am I eligible to enter, even if I’ve been a winner in a previous year’s edition of the contest?  Yes, all amateur photographers are welcomed and encouraged to enter, including winners of previous contests.

Will I receive credit if my photo is used for publicity, display, or fund-raising?  Every attempt will be made to give credit where reasonably possible.

2009 Contest Photo of Deformation on Tree at Duff Park by Ben Stampahar
2009 Contest Photo
from Duff Park by Ben Stampahar

How are the contest entries judged?  At least three judges evaluate each entry for: Creativity or Wow factor (40 points); Photographic quality and composition (50 points); and How well the photo conveys the beauty or unique character of Murrysville (10 points).  No Bonus points will be awarded as they were in previous contests.

How many photos may I enter?  You may enter up to three (3) photos in the contest, provided that none of them were entered in a previous year’s edition of the contest.

2009 Contest Photo of Wildflower at PV Park by Casen Wolinsky
2009 Contest Photo
from PV Park by Casen Wolinsky

What is the deadline for entry?  The deadline for entry is midnight on December 31 of the contest year.

What are the format requirements, and the minimum and maximum size requirements for the photo files? Photos must be submitted in jpeg format.  There are no minimum or maximum size requirements for the photos, although generally the larger the photo file size the better the clarity and resolution of the photograph. Please note that HDR photos are not eligible for the contest.

Is manipulation of images allowed?  Any manipulation of images must be limited to cropping and minor adjustments of color and contrast.

By entering, will I give up the copyright for my photo?  You must be the owner of the copyright for your photo to be eligible for entry, but you will retain the copyright for your photo.  By submitting an entry, you do give permission for royalty-free use of your entered photograph for publicity, display, and fund-raising, including sale of items using the images.

What is an "amateur" for purposes of the contest?  An amateur is a non-professional photographer; someone who does not engage or has not engaged in photography as his or her main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.

When will the winners be announced?  The winners will be announced in late winter or early spring. Check back to the home page of this website for updates about the status of the current contest.

Where should I send suggestions for future contests?  Please email your suggestions and ideas to

What if I have a question that has not been answered above?  Email your question to


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