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2011 Photo Contest
The 2011 Murrysville Digital Photo Contest brought a record 155 entries. Thank you to everyone who participated, and to everyone who helped with the contest.

                                A collage of winning photos from the 2011 contest. Collage of Winning Photos


Grand Prize

Dale Matuza, Chickadee (Pleasant Valley Park) #68


1st/2nd Place - Pat Comas, Song Sparrow on Cattail (MCP Wetlands) #44
1st/2nd Place
- Jeff McMahill, Trout Lily (MCP Wetlands) #133
3rd Place
- Kevin Clark, Blue-eyed Mary (Duff Park) #125   
Honorable Mention
- Rhonda Miller, Milkweed (PV Park) #7

Landscapes and

1st Place - Douglas Bauman, Reflections in Turtle Creek (Duff Park) #58
2nd Place
- Stephen Frost, Reflections (Townsend Park)  #55
3rd Place
- Bob Bickers, Duff Park Winter (Duff Park)  #121   
Honorable Mention
- Wen-Ching Yang, Deer at Murrysville Backyard #67

People and

1st Place - Megan Tomley, Playing in the Creek (Bear Hollow) #26
2nd/3rd Place
- Vanessa Shepherd, First Time Fishing (Townsend) #28
2nd/3rd Place
- Sandra Linnemann, My Dog Johnny (Townsend) #40 
Honorable Mention
- Angela Nied, Friends (Bear Hollow Park) #152


1st Place - Ken Reabe Jr., Steel City Rewind Halftime Show #144
2nd Place
- Louise Gladkowski, Swallowtail on Teasel (MCP Wetlands) #136
3rd Place
- Joyce Frost, Fireworks at Community Day (MCP) #52
Honorable Mention
- Walter Gladkowski, Mouse-eye View of Flags (MCP) #99


1st Place - Lindsey Powers, Sky with Clouds (PV Park) #32
2nd Place
- Kristen Mariah Miller, Dogwood Blossom (PV Park) #10 
3rd Place
- Shawn Busche, Strength (Townsend Park) #117
Honorable Mention
- Casen Wolinsky, Sharing Nature's Bounty (PV Park) #109

        This link is to a blog of all the contest entries; the winning photos' entry numbers are shown above.

2011 Grand Prize winning photo of chickadee by Dale Matuza

2011 Contest WInners
2011 Contest Winners
(from left) Jeff McMahill, Pat Comas, Lindsey Powers, Megan Tomley, and Dale Matuza (photo courtesy of Clarence Skena)


2011 Grand Prize Winning Photo
Chickadee at PV Park
by Dale Matuza
Louise Gladkowski's Photo of Swallowtail
Louise Gladkowski's prize-winning photo of a swallowtail inspired a pastel by her brother Howard Ellsworth (photos courtesy of Louise)
Painting of Swallowtail

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