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2010 Photo Contest
The 2010 Murrysville Parks and Reserves Digital Photo Contest brought 95 entries.
Thank you to everyone who participated, and to everyone who helped with the contest!

                               A collage of winning photos from the 2010 contest. Collage of winning photos


Grand Prize

Dale Matuza, Mallard (MCP Wetlands) #12

People & Pets

1st Place - Maira Khwaja, Girl Walking in Stream (Bear Hollow) #83
2nd Place
- Joyce Frost, Fireworks Spectators (MCP) #28
3rd Place
- Jeff McMahill, Enjoying the View (Townsend Park) #90   
Honorable Mention
- Walter Gladkowski, Shadows in Snow (MCP) #84


1st Place - Kevin Clark, Trillium (Duff Park) #45
2nd Place
- Shelly Tichy, Dogwood (PV Park)  #29
3rd Place
- Doug Bauman, Oak Leaf (McGinnis Reserve)  #48   
Honorable Mention
- Nancy Murphy, Squawroot (Duff Park) #35

Plants &

1st Place - Clarence Skena, Wetlands with Ducks (MCP Wetlands) #65
2nd Place
- Rhonda Miller, Bridge between Man and Nature (Duff) #9
3rd Place
- Louise Gladkowski, Reflection (Townsend) #89   
Honorable Mention
- Dale Cwynar, Pleasant Valley Sunset (PV) #76

Birds &

1st Place - Pat Comas, Mallard in Flight (MCP Wetlands) #43
2nd Place
- Diana Trozzo, Tiger Swallowtail (Duff Park)  #2
3rd Place
- Amber Mohney, Ringneck Pheasant (PV Park) #73
Honorable Mention
- Rebecca Hampton, Young Deer (Duff Park) #40


1st Place - Ben Stampahar, Golden Field (PV Park) #63
2nd Place
- Kristen Miller, Mother and Father on Bridge (Duff Park) #23 
3rd Place
- Lyn Upshur, Seed in the Sun (MCP) #53
Honorable Mention
- Mia Kurlfink, Tiny Dancer (Townsend Park) #60

This link is to a blog of the contest photos; scroll down in the blog to see the 2010 photos.

Grand Prize Winning Photo of Mallard
2010 Grand Prize Winning Photo
of Mallard at MCP by Dale Matuza

2010 Contest Winners with Joan Kearns
2010 Contest Grand Prize and
First Place Winners with Joan Kearns

From left: Maira Khwaja, Joan Kearns, Dale Matuza,
Ben Stampahar, Pat Comas, Clarence Skena

Photo of chickadee in prize birdhouse
Photo by Dale Matuza of a chickadee
in a 2010 prize birdhouse
(donated by Greybeard Designs)



2010 Display of WInning Photos
Display of 2010 winning photos
(photo courtesy of Clarence Skena)

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