2008 Photo Contest
The 2008 Murrysville Parks and Reserves Digital Photo Contest brought 75 entries from
photographers ranging in age from 8 to 89.  Thank you to everyone who participated, and
everyone who helped with the contest!

         A collage of most (but not quite all) of the winning photos from the 2008 contestCollage of 2008 winning photos

Grand Prize

Bob Pitulski, Turtle Creek Bridge (Duff Park)


1st Place
- Jeff McMahill, Mushrooms (McGinnis Nature Reserve)
2nd Place - W. Michael Ley, Early Morning Thistles (PV Park)
3rd Place - Donald Sprowls, White Trillium (Duff Park)
Honorable Mention - Cheryl Ceol, Early Mist (Duff Park)
Honorable Mention - Mary Beth Renze, Red Trillium (Duff Park)
Honorable Mention - Ed Gerstenhaber, The Tree Worms (Townsend Park)

and Animals

1st Place
- Louise Gladkowski, Butterfly (Murrysville Community Park)
2nd Place - Tracee Imai, Caterpillar (Potter’s Corner)
3rd Place - Becky Hampton, Baby Bird (Duff Park)
Honorable Mention - Jeffrey R. Giles, Fox (Townsend Park)
Honorable Mention - Janice Kochis, Barred Owl (Townsend Park)
Honorable Mention - Natalie Mendik, Mother Goose on Nest (MCP)


1st Place - Walter Gladkowski, Snow (Walter Nature Reserve)
2nd Place - Cathy Victor, Duff Park
3rd Place - Kelly Victor, Duff Park
Honorable Mention - Ed Straub, Rainbow Trail (PV Park)


1st Place
- Luka van de Venne, Caterpillar (Duff Park)
2nd Place - Christian Stokes, Sunburst Fungus (Duff Park)
3rd Place - Casen Wolinsky, Fungus Tree (Townsend Park)
Honorable Mention - Griffin van de Venne (Duff Park)
Honorable Mention - Cara Baughman, Destinations (Duff Park)
Honorable Mention - Allison Baughman, Opposites Attract (Duff Park)

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Grand Prize Wining Photo of Bridge in Duff Park
2008 Grand Prize Winning Photo
in Duff Park by Bob Pitulski


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