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2018 Photo Contest

The 2018 Murrysville Parks and Reserves Digital Photo Contest brought 152 entries, and many exceptional photographs. Contest judges evaluated photos' creativity or Wow factor, photographic quality and composition, and whether the photo shows off the beauty or unique character of Murrysville.  

Congratulations to the contest winners!  

Thank you to our sponsors, to contest organizers Dale Matuza and Bill Powers; Doug Bauman who receives and posts all the entries to the contest blog; Kaitlyn Sacherich who handles contest publicity; Judges Tom Morton, Cary Bohl, Pat Comas, Dave Metzgar; and Lori Mozina; Betsy Aiken who handles the website; and everyone else who helped with the contest - as well as to everyone who entered!

2018  Contest Poster
2018  Contest Winners
2018 Photo Contest Winners


Grand Prize

Matthew Sayer, Mantis in the Grass #122


1st Place - Melissa DeStefano, Hummingbird #038
2nd Place - Susan Costa, Baby Deer #016
rd Place, Tied- Dan Hunter, Bee on Swamp Milkweed #029
3rd Place, Teid -Sharon Iacovino, Deer #130

Plant Life

1st Place - John Wizzard, Mayapple #008
nd Place, Tied - Crystal Beam, Dew Drops #112
2nd Place, Tied- Jill Germanoski, Purple Mushroom #139
3rd Place
- Doug Bauman, Leaf #133


1st Place - Louise Gladkowski, Shadow Tribute #115
nd Place - Xina Matuza, Morning Light #017
rd Place - Lee Taddonio, Murrysville Traffic #024
3rd Place, Tied
- Carolyn Mento, Change of Seasons #098

People and Pets

1st Place - Phyllis Ho, Baseball Player #002
2nd Place - Lori Fitzgerald, Soaring to the Clouds #039
3rd Place
- Andrew Hilton, Snowy Bridge Portrait #082
Honorable Mention
- Jennifer Stone, Gemma #089


1st Place - Giri Viswanathan, Bird House #092
nd Place - Mariella Taddonio, Penn-Franklin #034
rd Place - Isabel Synder, Iris #107
Honorable Mention - Abby Rauber, Sunrise at Sunflower Court #065


All the contest entries have been posted to blog pages by our Photomeister Doug Bauman:

  A) Wildlife
B) Plant Life
C) Landscape
D) People and Pets
E) Photos by Young Photographers (15 & under)
Sorted entries
may be seen
in a blog

Clicking on any image in the blog will yield a high resolution, full-file-size image. The winning photos' entry numbers are shown in the table above.


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