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2017 Photo Contest

The 2017 Murrysville Parks and Reserves Digital Photo Contest brought 151 entries, with many outstanding entries. Contest judges evaluated photos' creativity or Wow factor, photographic quality and composition, and whether the photo shows off the beauty or unique character of Murrysville.  

Congratulations to the contest winners!  

Thank you to our sponsors, to contest organizer Dale Matuza; Doug Bauman who receives and posts all the entries to the contest blog; Kaitlyn Sacherich who handles contest publicity;; Judges Tom Morton, Cary Bohl, and Dave Metzgar; and everyone else who helped with the contest - as well as to everyone that sent in an entry!

2017 Contest Poster
2017 Contest Winners
2017 Photo Contest Winners

2017 Contest Grand Prize and First Place Winners
 2017 1st Place and Grand Prize Winners


Grand Prize

Dan Hunter, Sunflower and Bee #045


1st Place - Pat Comas, Northern Mockingbird #042
2nd Place - Susan Costa, Morning Visitor (Cardinal) #051
rd Place - Matthew Sayer, Snake Near the Farm Pond #054
e Mention - Bill Powers, Summer Hummer #098

Plant Life

1st Place - John Wizzard, Bloodroot #004
nd Place - John Negich, Bee of Flower #014
rd Place - Michael Kearney, Sunflower #047
Honorable Mention
- Melissa DeStefano, Flower Waving in a Friend #079


1st Place - Jill Germanoski, Fall SUnset through the Trees #094
nd Place - Sharon Iacovino, Sunset #090
rd Place - Jamie Hill, Spring Snow #012
3rd Place, Tied
- Rhonda Miller, Bridge in Autumn #028

People and Pets

1st Place - Lori Fitzgerald, Serving with a Smile #108
2nd Place - Jan Mallak, Lili of the Laurel Highlands #071
3rd Place
- Susan Peretic, Kitten #021
Honorable Mention
- Bill Moutz, Boy and Bubbles #117


1st Place - Lindsey Powers, Lunch Time in the Garden #099
nd Place - Tai Thomasson, Bell at FR Campus #018
rd Place - Isabel Synder, Vibrant Colors #133
Honorable Mention - Samantha Wasilak, Large Flowered Clematis #107

Popular Choice

Rhonda Kvocak, Wait for Us Mom #067

All the contest entries have been posted to blog pages by our Photomeister Doug Bauman:

  A) Wildlife
B) Plant Life
C) Landscape
D) People and Pets
E) Photos by Young Photographers (15 & under)
Sorted entries
may be seen
in a blog

Clicking on any image in the blog will yield a high resolution, full-file-size image. The winning photos' entry numbers are shown in the table above.


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