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2015 Photo Contest

The 2015 Murrysville Parks and Reserves Digital Photo Contest brought 177 entries!  The entries were judged on their creativity or Wow factor, photographic quality and composition, and whether the photo shows off the beauty or unique character of Murrysville.  Congratulations to the contest winners!  

Thank you to our sponsors, to our Photomeister Doug Bauman; to Kaitlyn Sacherich who maintains the contest Facebook page; to Judges Tom Morton, Cary Bohl, Mia Kurlfink, Melanie Landsittel, and Dave Metzgar; and to everyone who helped with the contest or participated in it!

2015 Contest Poster
2015 Photo Contest Winners

A collage of winning photos from the 2015 contest 
  Collage of winning photos


Grand Prize

Andrew Lambl, The Buck Stops Here #015


1st Place - Theo van de Venne, Swallowtail on Buttonbush #127
2nd Place - Pat Comas, Hummingbird and Zinnias #056
rd Place - Dan Hunter, Bee on Prickly Pear #065   
e Mention - Susan Miller, Eastern Tiger Swallowtails (MCP Wetlands) #040

Plant Life

1st Place - Doug Bauman, Leaf Ice Explosion #035
nd Place - Matt Sisson, Jewelweed (Duff Park) #132
rd Place - John Wizzard, White and Red Trillium (Duff Park) #011
Honorable Mention
- Stephen Frost, Mina Lobata Flowers #154


1st Place - Jacki Walker, Foggy Fall Sunrise #095
nd Place - Ed Gerstenhaber, Misty Morn #022
rd Place - Jan Capasso, Winter White #077
Honorable Mention
- Donald Whirlow, Fallen Petals #019

People and Pets

1st Place - Ginna Bartlett, Childhood Bliss #123
2nd Place - Bob Bickers, Wings Over the Band #138
3rd Place
- Kaitlyn Sacherich, Blueberry Picking with Ms. Renie #007
Honorable Mention
- Sarah Fiscus, Cutthroat Mud Kitchen #089


1st Place - Lindsey Powers, Blue Jay in Fall #150
nd Place - Laura DiNunzio, Summer Flowers after Rain #073 
rd Place - Isabel Snyder, Light through the Trees #101
Honorable Mention - Alyssa Nguyen, Mushroom Scene #140

Popular Choice

Ellie Jenkins, A Snowy Morning (Duff Park) #046

All the contest entries have been posted to blog pages by our Photomeister Doug Bauman:

  A) Wildlife
B) Plant Life
C) Landscape
D) People and Pets
E) Photos by Young Photographers (15 & under)
Sorted entries
may be seen
in a blog

Clicking on any image in the blog will yield a high resolution, full-file-size image. The winning photos' entry numbers are shown in the table above.


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