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2013 Photo Contest

The 2013 Murrysville Parks and Reserves Digital Photo Contest brought a record 208 entries! The entries were judged on their creativity, photographic quality and composition, and whether the photo shows off the beauty or unique character of Murrysville.

Thank you to our sponsors, to our Photomeister Doug Bauman; to Kaitlyn Sacherich who maintains the contest Facebook page; to Judges Tom Morton, Cary Bohl, Dave Metzgar, Mia Kurlfink; and to everyone who participated in the contest.

                                A collage of winning photos from the 2013 contest. 
  Collage of 2013 Winning Photos


Grand Prize

Ian Bodner, Barn in the Golden Fields #073


1st Place - Diana Trozzo, Hummingbird Moth #013
2nd Place - Pat Comas, Blue Jay & Fall Maple Leaves #054
rd Place Tie - Sharon Iacovino, Red Fox #034   
rd Place Tie - Bill Powers, Great Blue Heron Close-up #090

Scenery and
Plant Life

1st Place - Donald Whirlow, Sweet Alyssum with Chiggers #111
nd Place - John Wizzard, Violet Trillium (Duff Park) #048
rd Place - Stephen Frost, Morning Glory #137
Honorable Mention
- Kristen Miller, Pine Cone (Townsend Park) #167

People and

1st Place - Sarah Fiscus, Tea in the Woods #096
nd Place - Clarence Skena, Little Girl with Puppy #088
rd Place Tie - Nickaleen Neff, Bailey's in Cream #065
rd Place Tie - Suzette Sloan, Pet German Shepherd Mix #083


1st Place - Melissa DeStefano, Are You My Mother? #103
2nd Place Tie - Michael Gladkowski, Upside Down Snowman (MCP Wetlands) #112
nd Place Tie - Beth Krauz, The Town Square #183
rd Place - Andrew Johnson, Owen (Chambers Park) #006


1st Place - Alyssa Nguyen, Snow Deck #146
nd Place - Lindsey Powers, Eastern Screech Owl #070 
rd Place - Brian Cox, Mourning Dove in a Nest #126
Honorable Mention - Katie Hope, Sunset Reflection of Opposite Trees #077
Honorable Mention - Abby Sklencar, Golden Sunset #121

All the contest entries have been posted to blog pages by our Photomeister Doug Bauman:

  A) Wildlife
B) Scenery and Plant Life
C) People and Pets
D) Fun
E) Photos by Young Photographers (15 & under)
Sorted entries
may be seen
in a blog

Clicking on any image in the blog will yield a high resolution, full-file-size image. The winning photos' entry numbers are shown in the table above.

2013 Photo Contest Winners
2013 Contest Winners, from left to right:
Sarah Fiscus, Alyssa Nguyen, Ian Bodner, Diana Trozzo, Melissa DeStefano;
not pictured is Donald Whirlow
(photo courtesy of Dale Matuza)


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